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Do to excess spam through our email system, you will need to type the email address you want into your systems mail program.
Sorry for the inconvience

Here's an email directory that will help you get your email to the right person at Mesa.


- Jim alternates between various 3.0 coupes, Bavarias and other BMW's. Lots of experience under the hood of a variety of BMW's and Porsches. He's also the one to email if you're looking for a bargain on used parts for your early 5 series.Owns about 15 BMW's at any given time


- A 2800 coupe is Spence's daily driver. He has sold his 2002tii, and is always looking for another project car. Spence also has tons of experience wrenching BMW's and Porsches.He also owns a 1986 325e 2800CS and a 3.0Cs


- Stan has logged countless thousands of miles all over the country in his 528e or in the wife's 325. Having worked on cars all his life, he has lots of experience on a variety of cars, and always has a good story to share. Also owns a 525i .


-Josh loves the older model BMW's and Porsches, Currently own a 2500,3.0 Bavaria ,325i , 530i and a 528i

Some Specific Mailboxes

Have a question about your BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz or Audi? Send it here and we'll try to help.
questions @ mesaperformance.com.

If you'd like to place an email order outside our web store, or would like to make a change to your order, it all goes here.
orders @ mesaperformance.com.

Send in a pic of your BMW or Porsche and you might see it featured as the Car of the Month! Winners also receive a $25.00 store gift certficate.
car_of_the_month @ mesaperformance.com.

If you have an automobile-related site you'd like us to link to, send the information here.
link @ mesaperformance.com.

We normally have a print catalog available but at this time we are concentrating on the store and its web site. Please check back with us in a couple months and we should have a new one available.

We welcome your comments about our website, and value your suggestions on how to make it easier for you to use. Send 'em here.
comments @ mesaperformance.com.

If something is screwed up, yell at this guy! (he'll also take a compliment.)
webmaster @ mesaperformance.com.

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